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"Walking behind and Italian man with an old dog named Stella, learning about wild boar tracks and truffles - I was in heaven!" -Rosemary, Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"Piero is incredibly informed. He took us to fabulous places and we loved the wine he introduced us to. I learned a lot. I would love to take classes from him." -Adam, Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"I was happy. I have never been so content, because of everything I got to see and do. It was the simplicity of it. We weren't doing black cocktail dresses - it was wonderful. I'd love to go back again and work with the Einstein of cheese." -Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"I would never have found these places on my own. Even when the others had gone to bed, I walked by myself. I never didn't feel safe." -Julie, Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"There was so much to know and love, and Piero explained everything." -Carla, Call Me Marchigiano

"Piero shows you a place where you instantly feel at home. We don't have to worry about the language barrier because both our hosts are bilingual and their love of the place is contagious. Being with Piero in the place he grew up gave me a feeling of belonging." -Christy, Call Me Marchigiano

"I didn't have to worry about anything. Katie was a mini-me. I didn't have to do a thing." -Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"You don't have to worry. I didn't carry a single folder the whole time. Katie took care of every detail. You really have a chance to have a good time." -Marty, Call Me Marchigiano

"There was a safety of being with people who not only know the country, laws and speak the language, but we were with Piero's family - surrounded by family. I loved that. I felt very protected, and that if there was a crisis I wouldn't have to worry about anything not knowing how to communicate." -Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"I loved Margaret's class. It was fun and informative! It was a fun group and the girls were phenomenal. Awesome!" -Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"I recommend you to everyone I meet. Would we do it again? Absolutely! Did we love the little towns? Absolutely!" -Betty, Call Me Marchigiano

"We loved the people. We loved everyone involved and the knowledge they brought about plants, truffles, and Urbino. Piero and Katie put in place people who were knowledgeable and shared it." -Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"I had a guy offer me a truffle! I came back with fabulous stories." -Kostas, Cakewalk Through Le Marche

"This was about an authentic experience. We toured an area I never would have been able to do on my own." -Starstruck

"Einstein of cheese - I loved his passion." -Tony, Starstruck

"We were so carefully ushered from place to place and experienced one after one memorable event.  Simple pleasures like the Monday market, dinner on top of the mountain and by the river, a moving tour of a sweet church, sitting in the square at a table sipping a cola, the great toy store, Einstein cheese party, San Marino, wading in the Adriatic Sea, breakfasts with new friends, and sharing it all with my beloved sister!" -Patti, Painting Brilliant Florals

"Learning new techniques from our master artist [Nancy Medina] was thrilling! Not to mention the food!!!!!" -Painting Brilliant Florals

"I will reflect on this for many days and longer.  It makes me realize how much you and Piero invested in our pleasure -and comfort - and all the Ahhhh moments!" -Lucia, Painting Brilliant Florals

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    Painting the Colors, Textures &
    Horizons of Italy

    Paint with Jacqueline Sullivan
    September 25-October 1, 2019
    Meet/Depart: BLQ Airport

    Capturing the Soul of Le Marche

    Featuring: Zan Barrage
    7 Days – July 8-14, 2019
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO

    Suzanne Frank

    Put the Love in Your Story
    June 23-29, 2019
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO airport

    Cindy Keefer

    Becoming a Ceramic Artist in the Renaissance Majolica Tradition
    July 15-21, 2019
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO airport

    Dennis Perrin Tour

    Painting In Italy Tour
    October 2-8, 2019
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO airport

    Summer Food and Wine Tour

    Featuring Piero Pagliardini
    7 Days Dates:
    June 8-14
    June 15-21
    June 29-July 4
    July 20-26
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO or Venice airport

    Food, Wine, Truffle Tour

    Featuring Piero Pagliardini
    7 Days Dates:
    October 8-14
    October 15-21
    October 22-28
    October 29-November 4
    Meet/Depart: Rome, FCO or Venice airport

    Sunflower Hunt

    Private Portraits
    June, July 2019

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