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Customize your Journey in Italy. Live like a Local.

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Do you want unique experiences away from the tourist driven sites in the larger Cities?
Do you want to truly see Italy for all its beauty, culture, and cuisine?

Since 2014, Piero and his team of local and international experts have created private tours based on the needs and desires of each traveler, family, or social group. For us, no group is too big or too small, our goal is to create an amazing experience for everyone. We utilize our expertise of the region to create a trip that removes all the stress from travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, excursions, and beyond.

Take a look at our activities and choose one, or a few. These activities were designed with the traveler in mind to give you a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. Experiences beyond the major sites listed in tour books make the best memories. Won’t you join us?

Museums and Galleries

You can visit world-famous picture galleries and museums in the region.
The Coalman’s Museum
The Museum of Old Trades
The Museum of the History of Agriculture and Craft
The Graphia Museum
The Farm Labour Museum
The Mill Museum
The City Museum
The Places of the soul (The orchard of forgotten fruits) Museum
The Historical Mining Museum of Perticara
The Science’s Museum of Bali’ in Saltara, recommended for children

For more information you can email us directly at or
Call Piero at (001) 972 400 8329.
We can work with you on dates and times on any of the activities listed.