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Do you want unique experiences away from the tourist driven sites in the larger Cities?
Do you want to truly see Italy for all its beauty, culture, and cuisine?

Since 2014, Piero and his team of local and international experts have created private tours based on the needs and desires of each traveler, family, or social group. For us, no group is too big or too small, our goal is to create an amazing experience for everyone. We utilize our expertise of the region to create a trip that removes all the stress from travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, excursions, and beyond.

Take a look at our activities and choose one, or a few. These activities were designed with the traveler in mind to give you a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. Experiences beyond the major sites listed in tour books make the best memories. Won’t you join us?

Live Like a Local & Unique Festivals

If you happen to be visiting Italy during the holiday’s there is surely an event happening. Italians love their holiday’s and mark the occasions with different festivals.

International Festival of White Truffle of Le Marche - This tour is strongly recommended.
Once a year, the town airs out its old wine cellars and turns these secret rooms into re-purposed wine bars. Float from one wine cellar, or cantina to the next, enjoying the variety of local and national wines paired with savory truffle-based delicacies. Each cantina has its own theme – from traditional (eat and drink at long, wooden picnic tables), to indulgent (buy the cantina mug, and enjoy free refills the rest of the weekend), to extreme (these cantinas have been known to pack in DJ’s, dance floors, and motorcycles into the limited 100 sq.ft. space). There is something for everyone at the International Festival of White Truffles of Le Marche and a reason why it has put Sant’Angelo in Vado on the map!

Valantine’s day in Sassocorvaro City - People from around the world visit the village to mark one of the most important festivities in the town, Valentine’s Day. This little village contains a relic of Saint Valentine in the local Church. They welcome visitors and celebrate the day with many exhibitions and events. On Valentine’s day, the Village turns off the street lights and is lit with candles.

Easter Festival - During Passover, Easter is celebrated with specialty foods, like the Easter bread, Torta Brusca. It’s a savory bread made with cheese, pecorino, or more expensive, Parmigiano Reggiano. During this time, try the traditional Easter breakfast, which includes all manner of offal and their juices—from tripe to lamb intestine, liver and lung, and then on to snails and boiled eggs in green sauce. On Easter morning, people all ages start to eat and drink at a big table in the square. General stands line the square and streets in the historical center, and restaurants and bars open their doors to welcome visitors. There will be music, dancing, and food all around the square and streets in the historical center. If you’ll be in Le Marche during Easter, we’d loved to help organize a reservation at a restaurant or transportation to the event.

PALIO DEL SOMAROl… The event involves the entire population organizing and participating in bag races, gastronomic events, "birucini" races (small cars with wooden and pedal wheels), the cocagne tree, at the cut of the trunk and finally the race of the donkey. Musicians, animations and games. The winner is the donkey that crosses the finish line first (with or without a rider). The palio (flag) is awarded to the winning "contrada" who will keep it until the following year when it will be put back into play. Recommended for family and children!


Which is your favorite food?In Le Marche we have a Festivals in different towns with just about any kind of delicious food! Are you ready? Go! Festivals with, Honey, Nutmeg, Pig, Donkey, Frog, Mushroom, Truffle, Beer, Wine, Polenta, Fish Soup, Prosciutto, Olive Oil, Asparagus, Potatoes, Steak, Spaghetti, Snail, Bread, Broad Bean, Cheese, Pheasant and Strawberry, Peach, Pear, Grape, Chocolate and Visciola, Ice Cream.

These festivals take place throughout the year, typically when the fruit or vegetable is in season. We’ll post upcoming festivals as it draws near, so check back regularly. And, if you’re curious about when a certain food festival is, say an Olive Oil festival, then reach out to us! We’ll help you plan all the details for attending.

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