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Do you want unique experiences away from the tourist driven sites in the larger Cities?
Do you want to truly see Italy for all its beauty, culture, and cuisine?

Since 2014, Piero and his team of local and international experts have created private tours based on the needs and desires of each traveler, family, or social group. For us, no group is too big or too small, our goal is to create an amazing experience for everyone. We utilize our expertise of the region to create a trip that removes all the stress from travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, excursions, and beyond.

Take a look at our activities and choose one, or a few. These activities were designed with the traveler in mind to give you a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. Experiences beyond the major sites listed in tour books make the best memories. Won’t you join us?

Italian Aventures

Guided Truffle Hunt – Join a professional truffle hunter and his dog on this tour through the forest. You’ll search for truffles and learn where and how truffles are gathered. Did you know this “mushroom” is one of the most expansive aromas and in great demand by chefs from around the world. On any given day we’ll collect more than enough to shave a little on the pasta.

Truffle Hunt

Swimming in one of the last natural pool rivers in Italy - For Families and solo travelers this is the perfect relaxation point along your travels. In a panoramic shooting of Italy’s unique country side we will travel through the village towns along the Metauro River to experience the beauty of nature. Scenes will include rolling landscapes, remnants of a historical village – Castello della Pieve, and concluding in a walk along the Metauro River itself. Trek through blue lagoons and navigate miniature waterfalls as we get our feet wet and learn the history of the area. Bring your swim suit and water shoes! Traditional Italian merenda to follow in a truly off-the-beaten-path location!

Starstruck Tour

Coalman Tour – did you know charcoal can be handmade? In Le Marche, perhaps one of the last artisans of his kind, this coalman or carbonai prepares burners that produce a non-toxic form of charcoal. This tour will show you his process passed down to him through generations of previous carbonai.

Sunflower Hunt -This tour features a portrait and custom photo shoot is an iconic sunflower setting. You’ll be swept away by the fields of sunflowers blooming in vibrant yellow and orange colors.

Sun Flower Field
Starstruck Tour

Bicycling, Hiking, and Trekking - The region features endless trails and paths to immerse yourself in nature. We’ll organize a tour and send you on your way, either alone, or with a botanical & historian expert.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - We’ll organize a tour for you in hot air balloon. Can you think of a better way to capture the beauty of the region than by flying high above the hills?

Orienteering - Orienteering is a sport that is practiced in the open air, in the historic centers of cities, parks and the natural environment. Orienteering has inherent knowledge and respect for the environment, and represents an opportunity to develop one's orientation skills, with the help of paper maps and a compass. We’ll join with, The Italian Orienteering Federation and Picchio Verde Agency to participate in an orienteering course. You will explore and learn how to orient yourself in scenario using city parks and historical center as ground fields, the surrounding woods and forest using a paper map and compass. This is a sport played worldwide! This is a great tour for families with children.

For more information you can email us directly at or
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We can work with you on dates and times on any of the activities listed.