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Do you want unique experiences away from the tourist driven sites in the larger Cities?
Do you want to truly see Italy for all its beauty, culture, and cuisine?

Since 2014, Piero and his team of local and international experts have created private tours based on the needs and desires of each traveler, family, or social group. For us, no group is too big or too small, our goal is to create an amazing experience for everyone. We utilize our expertise of the region to create a trip that removes all the stress from travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, excursions, and beyond.

Take a look at our activities and choose one, or a few. These activities were designed with the traveler in mind to give you a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. Experiences beyond the major sites listed in tour books make the best memories. Won’t you join us?

Culture and Romance


townsquareVisiting UNESCO World Heritage Site Urbino. The city was considering the Zen of Renaissance, thanks to great Duke of Urbino and hometown of the painter of Raphael.

Palazzo Ducale

Tour to the Church of the Dead - See with your eyes the mysteries of “The Church of the Dead”. Have you ever seen a mummified heart or hair? One of the most rarely natural mummification processes in the World.

Tour to Millenary Abbey and Museum of Natural Colors - nicknamed by the locals, “Luoghi del silenzio” (places of silence). No connection helps restore your mind and soul. The Abbey features a solar clock that’s truly unique as it’s on the inside of the building. Depending on the direction of the sun, light coming in from the window covers or touches the columns. Each column is unique, and from this they’re able to know time and dates. Just next to the Abbey is the Museum of Naturals Colors in Lamoli.

We’ll take a visit to the museum to learn about the natural process of coloring in art.


Visit Gradara Castle, the most touristic site in Le Marche.

Tour of San Marino. Bring your passport and visit one of the smallest counties in the world. San Marino is known for its walled old town and medieval cobblestone streets. It’s an iconic picture, this small republic perched high on the hill. Also, his little Italian brother, San Leo merits a visit too.

Visit Piobbico – This town is an interesting little bump in the road. It's famous for its World Association of Ugly People, the Club dei Brutti. There is also a festa dei brutti, a festival celebrating ugly--along with the dish called Polentone alla Carbonara, the big polenta, the way the charcoal burners might make it. This town is both ironic and fun!

Domus del Mito, or House of the Myth- Take a visit to a Roman Villa with some 1,000 square meters of polychronic mosaics in the heart of Sant’ Angelo in Vado. The “Domus del Mito was build in the 1st century AD. This is one of the great archeological discoveries of the last 50 years in Central Italy.

Bell Tower Tour in the heart of San Angelo in Vado is a bell tower that dates back to the 13th century. We’ll guide you to the top for spectacular views of the town and surrounding landscape. We’ll see how the bells are played and learn why they are so important to the town. We’ll have a professional photographer with us for a photo shoot and an opportunity to use a drone to capture panoramic views.

Truffle and Wine Festival

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