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Do you want unique experiences away from the tourist driven sites in the larger Cities?
Do you want to truly see Italy for all its beauty, culture, and cuisine?

Since 2014, Piero and his team of local and international experts have created private tours based on the needs and desires of each traveler, family, or social group. For us, no group is too big or too small, our goal is to create an amazing experience for everyone. We utilize our expertise of the region to create a trip that removes all the stress from travel logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, excursions, and beyond.

Take a look at our activities and choose one, or a few. These activities were designed with the traveler in mind to give you a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. Experiences beyond the major sites listed in tour books make the best memories. Won’t you join us?

Culinary Experiences

Cheese Tasting at La Gastonomia Di Vittorio Beltrami – a renowned cheese produced with a philosophy for local produce, and respect for the environment and the rediscovery of ancient tastes. Famous New Yorker food expert and cookbook author, Lidia Bastianich calls Vittorio Beltrami the “Einstein of Cheese”, and not just because he looks like Einstein, but because he is a genius cheese maker. His pecorino di fossa - a sheep’s milk cheese wrapped in grape leaves, is buried under stone for 90 days the result is an indescribably intense, earthy and like nothing you have ever tasted. We’ll visit his cheese cellar and shop where the family Beltrami will prepare an in-depth sampling of the Beltrami cheeses, cured meats, and breads. We’ll pair the cheeses with selected wines by a Sommelier, Piero.

Fresh baked pasteries

Wine Tasting in Terracruda - A territory located between mountains and sea where it's possible to produce the 3 CDOs in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Taste wines such as Pergola Rosso and Sangiovese dei Colli Pesaresi, to the white, Bianchello del Metauro and many more. Terracruda chose to exploit the indigenous varieties, one’s that best express the essence of the territory, starting production of CDOs and recovering ancient local grape varieties to create something truly special.

Wine tasting at La Montata with the, only Smoked Passito in the World. Taste wonderfully crafted wines at La Montata, and a local delicacy, Santangiolino, a flavorful dessert wine at B&B CA ICARDO.



Authentic lunch at Castello della Pieve, the characteristic medieval castle, set 550 meters above sea level in the municipal area of Mercatello sul Metauro. In 1301 Dante Alighieri’s exile was decreed from this tiny village.


Marchigiano meal

Cooking class with an expert chef, but not the usually cooking class - Join us, along with expert chef Massimo for a grocery trip in the open-air market. You’ll see and sample some of the best delicacies this market has to offer. Then, Piero, an International Sommelier, will take us to the best boutique winery in town to learn and recognize which food and wine are the best choices for pairing. Then off to cooking and wine class in a quintessential Italian’s Mamma’s kitchen. Get ready for your best meals while in Italy!


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.11.15 PM

Gelato Class with Master Francesco in his Caffe del Corso, established in 1814. You simply can’t come to Italy without tasting gelato. But what’s better than tasting gelato? Making gelato! This class will teach you the art and science of making gelato. Try your hand at finding the perfect flavor.

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Brewery tour in Apecchio – this town is known as the Capital of Beer. Take a visit to three different breweries producing craft beer, two of which are of great international importance. Fabbrica della Birra (which also distills grappa), the Amarcord, and the Venere microbrewery, which produce beer of various types of beer and exports Worldwide.


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