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Katherine Cohen
Katherine Cohen, a Dallas native, graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2005 with a B.A. in Special Education and graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2013 with a masters in Speech Pathology. She has travelled to many intriguing places in South America and Europe, but it was Italy that changed her life.  Katherine fell in love with the Italian language and culture, deeply rooted in fine food and wine. She taught English at the Technical School of Science in Urbino (Le Marche) as well as privately in Florence collaborating with such notable names as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and General Electric.

She met Piero in Sant’Angelo in Vado in 2006 and they were married four years later in Texas. Together, they strive to merge the two worlds they love, by providing stellar personal service and bringing to their work a thorough knowledge of both cultures.

Katherine serves as Director of Public Relations and provides oral and written translation services for clients.

Piero Pagliardin
Piero Pagliardini is from Sant’Angelo in Vado (Urbino) located in the region of Marche, just 50 miles east of Florence.

He grew up amidst the rich aroma of truffles and mushrooms hunted in the woods behind his family’s country house.

Though never a commercial farmer, he spent his childhood on his grandfather’s farm tending to the animals and eating sustainably. His family, especially his mother, instilled in him a passion for nature and the environment as well as a respect for their rich culture of food and wine.

Piero proudly represented high quality wine throughout Texas. He is a certified international sommelier and teaches classes on Italian wine and culture at SMU in their Continuing Education (CAPE) program.


*Katherine and Piero currently live in Dallas with their two sons - the beginnings of their own personal soccer team!  The newest addition to the family arrived this year, a baby girl.

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    June, July 2018

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